Connect the F/10 OUTPUT through a 50-ohm coaxial cable to the input of a frequency counter capable of accepting 10 to 100 MHz at 1.6 to 3.2 volts peak-peak.  If the counterís input impedance is not 50 ohms, the 50 ohm feed-thru termination supplied with the 3010 Prescaler should be inserted between the counter and the coaxial cable from the F/10 OUTPUT.


  A signal level approximation between 50 microwatts (-13 dBm) and 25 microwatts (-16 dBm) provides adequate power to drive the 3010 Prescaler for scaling frequencies between .1 to 1.0 GHz.  If the OVERLOAD indicator is illuminated, the RF signal level approximation is on the high side and a reduction in signal level is required.  To attenuate the RF signal, add a 50 ohm coaxial attenuator to the coaxial cable connected to the 3010 Prescaler RF INPUT.  No display on the frequency counter indicates the signal power approximation is on the low side and the signal level from the RF source needs to be increased or attenuation removed.  After the signal level requirements are satisfied, a frequency measurement can be preformed.  The reading on the frequency counter multiplied by 10 is the frequency of the VHF/UHF signal connected to the 3010 Prescaler RF INPUT.