2.1 - 3 GHz Frequency & Power Measurement

Figure 1, Frequency & Power Measurement above 2 GHz


  IF a -40 dBm RF level at 2.4 GHz is connected to the input of the VHF/UHF Amplifier of the configuration shown in Figure 1, a -31 dBm level @ 400 MHz will be present at the 3010 Prescaler Input.

   LO power leakage through the mixer to the IF port can cause reduced sensitivity and measurement errors of this application.   Most mixers including the MA3K have a 15 to 30 dB LO – IF Isolation specification so a low pass filter on the mixer IF port is required to further attenuate the LO –IF power leakage.  A low pass filter with a 900 MHz pass band is used in the configuration of Figure 1, but any low pass filter that can provide at least 30 dB attenuation at 2000 MHz and less than 1 dB attenuation in the desired pass band can be used.

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